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7 Mar 2016

Ear Candling

What is Ear Candling Ear candling is a holistic procedure that is used to remove excess wax, draw out impurities and toxins, cleanse the sinus cavities, improve hearing and treat earaches. It is also thought to have an emotional and spiritual impact on a person as it draws out negative toxins and revives the energy flows throughout the body. Ear Candling is a therapeutic relaxation technique that is similar to acupressure and aromatherapy. The basic premise in ear candling is the spiral of the cone causes the smoke to be pulled down in to the ear canal. This causes the ear canal to warm up and loosen the wax and any other material. The heat and the vacuum draw out…
Ear Candling
Henna Art
4 Jan 2016

Henna Art

Beautiful henna body art available at Vive Beauty Salon ask for our henna artists for more details. Book your appointment today 1-800-639-4444

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